I Have Been Published!


Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to another Tralala Tuesday and with today's post I wanted to share some news!

News that I am pretty sure the title of this post gives away...

But I have been published! 

And even better it is for a cause and message that I am both very happy to be a part of.

A year ago I wrote a piece for a book that is a compilation of writings by women, for women, about overcoming difficult times and coming out the other end. I was really intrigued in writing a piece for this novel, not only because of the content of the book but also because all proceeds from purchased of this book go to the Hope for Justice UK, an anti-traffiking charity.

When I first starting writing my piece I was struggling quite a bit since at that time I was not someone who really shared with anyone my past experiences. Instead I just trucked on forward with a lot of people being none the wiser. But the chance to share parts of my life and possible encourage other women (and men if they get their hands on this book) was something I wanted to do since back when I was young, and even know, I couldn't find many books that gave real accounts from real women.

So ta da! I sent it in, it got selected and now it has been published just this past Friday.

To steal the synopsis from the site (emphasis on the word steal heh heh)

RED INK is a non-profit anthology project. Every two years, the submission call is given to women from all over the world who have a autobiographical story to share about an important aspect of their life that they believe others should hear. Rites of Passage, Rights of Womanhood is based on the landmarks and milestones that affected all of the contributors' personal lives and how they overcame or faced these issues.

The novel itself was put together by the lovely Abigail who brought together the stories of many woman to put together this inspirational novel that I am so happy and proud to be part of...and still chuckling that I got published in the UK, not Canada (see I am meant to be there!)

I personally am still waiting to receive my copy but I have read the book and plan to film a vlog sharing my thoughts on the book itself, which will be all positive seeing as how I read the version just before it was published.

If you would like to check out the Red Ink Project and read about it you can click on the link here.

If you would like to purchase the novel with all its uplifting and positive energy click here.

Remember, all proceeds go to charity which is always a good thing.



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