5 Steps To Beat Burn Out


Burn out.

Let's be honest getting burn out is pretty much a seventh level of hell kind of situation. You are exhausted, stressed, frustrated, upset, angry and just a cornucopia of crazy strong emotions at one time and it is all because you pushed for too long to the point where you mentally and physically break.

Burn out is pretty common in our day in age, whether you are a student, worker or a stay at home mom. Honestly with whatever you do you can get burnt out and then what can you do? Not much really because you cannot muster the energy mentally of physically to do anything, even if you wanted to. I have been there more times then I would like to admit all because I did not take care of myself or consider my own needs, only others. This left me in a repetitive in and out of burn out mode situation.

So how to avoid the unholy being that is the Burn Out?

Here are some quick steps on how to avoid burning out, and some may shock you because they herald back to the fact that you are human.

I know.

Mind blown.

But the fact of the matter is because we live in such a customer service based, go go go go, got to succeed, never fail or make mistakes kind of world that we tend to not give ourselves a break. Why should we? If everyone else can manage to do ten things at once then shouldn't you? It is those kinds of expectations from others and yourself that can send you down the fiery path. It is time to take care of yourself and stop putting yourself in situations that do not work in your favour. It is time to let yourself be human.

I will mention I am not certified when it come to mental or physical health. All I am in a girl who has lived more then her 26 years imply and wants to shed some of her own light on situations and help in anyway she can!

5 Steps To Avoid Burnout

1) Know You Limits (and employ them)

Often we like to push ourselves further then we should, not that we enjoy it but usually because we feel we have to, that we are obligated to. The fact is that then you don't recognize your own limitations you are setting yourself up for a hard time. To know your limitations is to recognized just how much you can do, it does not make you less of anything compared to another person. You are you, and they are them. Separate the two and acknowledge what you can do and more importantly put that into action. It is like doing yoga, you cannot just jump into the crow pose if it is your first class. You will fall flat on your face. This is the same as trying to push your limitations...you are just going to fall flat on your face.

2) Don't Care What Others Say

There will always been the negative ninnies that will put your own or guilt trip you rather then respect your limitations and needs. Just because they claim they can do it does not mean you have to
match them.  Many of us like to brag that we have a "high stress tolerance" and if you think about this...that phrase is very wrong. That means we are putting too much stress on ourselves and nerves like it is a good thing, something to be impressed by when really it is effecting our health and wellbeing without us even realizing it before it is too late. Ignore people who try to push you. Believe it or not you have a say in your life. Repeat after me.
No. F**ks.Given.

3) Be Kind To Yourself

Many of us have a horrible inner dialogue where instead of picking ourselves up we tear ourselves down. This is so wrong on so many levels. Want to avoid burn out? Be nice to yourself. Tell yourself it is o.k to take a break, to slow down, to say no when you truly need to and to be your own number one fan who has your back.

4) Learn To Say No (when you need to...)

Most people think the word "no" is a dirty word. A rude and selfish word when really it is a empowering word that lets you have some control over your life. It is absolute o.k to say no when you cannot do something or simply feel that you cannot do it. Too often we feel obligated to do something that feels like it may tip the scales on our life and throw us into the pit of burn out. Say no when you need to, do not say yes just because you feel you "have to" even if it means exhausting yourself to the point where you get sick.

5) Relax.

This is so important because so many of us cannot relax. I personally have a huge issue with this, even now, I cannot seem to just stop. I am always finding something else to do, to start or finish. Do not be like me when it comes to relaxing. Relaxing is the time for you to recharge. Do something you enjoy whether it is yoga (a personal favourite because it forces me to stop), running, drawing,reading or even just doing nothing. Just lying there staring up at the ceiling with nothing to do. Either way take time out of your day, at least  a hour (though more would be better) to just chill. Do not think about anything that needs to be done or finished.
Just chill if your fine self for a bit and put yourself first.

I hope some of you find this list helpful!
If you have any of your own suggestions feel free to comment!


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