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I ordered from Q-Box a couple of months ago and finally got my October Q-Box last night and just really wanted to share it with you guys! One part because it is adorable and I think many 20-somethings may enjoy it since it includes things like make-up and useful doodads. Second part because I tend to to things like this for myself, like little gifts, so I have something to look forward to and I find it helps my mood if I am having a tougher time, like now being stressed with school.

It was nice to come home and have this package waiting for me where I had no idea (except for one items) what I was going to get...I only knew it was going to be awesome stuff because I researched the company a bit before ordering.

So in a way, it still ties in with living a happy life. Finding things that help you along, even if it is little things like ordering a small package as a present to yourself.

A quick low down on Q-Box is that they send you 5-6 full size items from Japan or Korea for $24.00 and usually the package itself it worth $50.00 and up! Considering I am a student and money is a myth in my life it was nice to find something that was actually affordable that I could treat myself to :)

If anything feel free to watch my post to see my make stupid noises like some idiot.

I never realized how many weird noises I actually can make in less then seven minutes.



If you would want to check out Q-Box there is a link here www.getqbox.com

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