Back To School as An Adult


Hello Lovelies!

How was your Halloween? Spooky as heck I hope!
At the end of this post I am just going to share some little snaps from last night when I got the change to go to the Hotel Vancouver Halloween Party last minute!

But first...the all important post explaining my newest video, and this one is about being positive with the con's maybe be bringing you down. Let me explain...

I missed posting on Tralala Tuesday because things on my end have been insanely busy with school and work so I figured I would make up for it with a vlog all about what it is like to be back in University as an adult (26 years young) and the pros and cons.

Like most of you know I started school again this September as a Fine Arts BA Major and there are some very clear pros that come with being in University or school in general when you are a little older as compared to being eighteen or even twenty but with those pro's comes some cons. I made this video to give insight into what these pros and cons are for anyone who may be playing around with the idea of going back to school, whatever your age is.

Not going to is quite the transition, which I will share with you in the vlog!

So check it out and hopefully it helps you either decide on school or decide to just pity me (which is dog pities me too)



Now the Halloween Pictures!

Spooky Chandlier during the Comedy show

I have a thing for Chandliers...

The amazing ballroom where the performances were held.

Just me and my lovely bestie Nicolle, writer of the blog Spirit Sister Blog

I'm Alice...

who is having a killer day...

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  1. love your alice costume! I wish I was going back to school as an adult... instead I'm nearly 27 and am still in school.... 5 years for a BSc and now this is year 4 of the old PhD..... when will it end? I'll have ot watch you vlog later (I'm in my lab now) but just wanted to say, you inspire me that you vlog, I just can't get up the courage for it yet... maybe soon tho! Cheers

    1. Thanks Sara! I managed to whip up the costume really quickly :P but hey I am really impressed you are doing a PhD! That shows real dedication, what is your PhD in?
      Soon it well end...not today but soon...well I hope soon :)
      Awesome I hope you enjoy my vlog! It defiantly took a few videos to get past the "talking to the camera and telling a joke with no one laughing" weirdness


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