Be A Nice Human


The title says it all!

CHECK OUT my new vlog post all about how the world needs more nice people and less negative energy.

Being a nice human being is such an incredibly simple concept yet it seems like it is one of the hardest things for many people to do. Strangers vent and spew there negative vibes towards other strangers who in no way deserve it,  people spread hate through the cyber world via social networks and forums. Friends hurting friends, family members hurting family members.

The world really has enough hate and anger running through it, which is easy to find by just putting on the news. The things that are going on in the world are bad enough, we don't need anymore mean people wandering around.

Be a nice human, do your part to put a smile on someone else's day!

xoxo Nicola

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  1. I'm fully supportive of having more kittens in the world.

    One point I'd like to bring up that I don't believe you addressed in the video (or if you did, I missed it) is that there is a bit of a negative connotation towards being nice. I've long considered myself to be a very nice person, however this causes me to be viewed as someone who is not as emotionally strong or as a pushover. While it's worth pointing out that this connotation tends to come from people who aren't nice people, it's still something that exists.

    By the way, I've been trying to turn myself into more of an optimistic person, both as an individual as well as in the capacity of a blogger. Admittedly, it's a difficult process, however I've been looking to your blog for some inspiration in that regard, so thank you for that.

  2. I think it erased my post-I'll try one more time :( I said...I've been preaching this to people since day one! Love and respect and decency is a "choice". We have to choose to care enough to do the right thing by one another. If one person is kind and this passes on to another and so on, eventually, you have a world of people of good-will. But we have to fight the media and mass way of thinking and it's an uphill battle. But, dont give up! One voice of goodness to another can change how we think and live as a people. I believe that if we "chose" to do the right thing most of the time, 80% of the world's hate and sin would simply, go away.

  3. Simple and easy advice. I think this is something that people don't stop to think on often enough. We all set goals (be more fit, be skinnier, save more money, etc) but very rarely do we focus our self improvement on just being nicer


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