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Hello Lovelies and happy Tuesday!

Now it is a fact every single one of us on this planet have had to deal with the judgments of another person. It is just how the world works, unfortunately as much as I would love to believe that through educating that masses and teaching empathy and open-mindedness we could cure the world of this darn infliction I have to admit...there will always be judgemental people.


Well because there will always be media, society, preference, and certain mentalities that promote certain aspects of life or beliefs and demonize others. So all we can really do it learn how to handle moments where we have to listen to the judgements of another person. A habit a lot of people have when getting judged by another person is to just judge that person back in return and believe it or not...that is not exactly the best way to go about it. All it does it lower you down to their level and then you are just as bad as they are.

You are just as in they are. Now that is not what we want now is it?

Of course not!

I just wanted to share some tips on how to deal with these kinds of situations. whether it is judgements coming from a friend, co-worker, family, on social media or just some stranger you bumped into on the street.

We have all been there yo!

Let's Tip it Out

  •  First and foremost remember that you do not want to fight fire with fire. Don't judge back or insult just like the person has done to you. Instead you can do either two things 1) brush it off 2)just do not give a flying rats butt 3) state your case. You do have every right to stand up for yourself, just be sure to be smart about it and if the individual continues to judge...go with a number 1 & 2 combo
  • People who judge are not happy people. Happy people do not feel a need to point out the flaws of others and boost that their lifestyle and choices are the best and everyone else's is wrong. Happy people are too busy being happy and living the life that makes them happy. So keep that in mind...that person is not judging you because they feel good about themselves and their lives. They are judging you because they want YOU to feel how they feel.
  • Fear. A lot of people judge because of this very strong and powerful emotion. When people are afraid of something by instinct they will dislike it, want to attack it or run from it. Clearly judging would fall under "dislike" and "attack". Just keep this in mind, especially if their judgements are laced with insults and remind yourself that it is more scared of you then you are of it...
  • When people are judging you it is important to keep in mind that if whatever they are judging you about makes you happy...then what does it matter what they think? People will judge because they are jealous, angry, or many other emotions. Either way it comes from a place of negativity, don't let their negative vibes put out your happiness. Thinking like this will help you keep a level head and not let them get to you. As long as you know it's best for you, their judgements won't make their blood boil, if anything you should just feel sorry for them that they even feel a need to judge. No one is perfect. 
  • Sliding into this point with "no one is perfect", keep that in mind when someone judges you. They have their own flaws, they are not better then you and in reality have no right to point a figure at you when they will have their own targets you could shoot at. Be the bigger person and don't aim at the targets, instead remember that your flaws make you who you are and if they cannot handle it them that is their problem.
  • Have you ever made a mistake, big or small, in the past and people love to bring it up? Of course you have and of course they do! People, especially judgemental ones, love bringing up the past and using is as something to hang over your head. An important thing to keep in mind is is in the past. You have grown, changed, learned from your mistakes and moved on and if you haven't...start moving on. Ignore these kinds of statements or just nicely point out that "the past is in the past...let it go". Don't start pointing out their past mistakes...
Last but NOT least...

In the end though, the best thing you can do is simply not give a f**k. Period. It is your life, not theirs. People are far too preoccupied with focusing on the lives of others rather then focusing on their own. You just keep doing you and following those dreams you have...what others have to say is of little importance. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others then what is the issue?

Exactly. There is no issue.

Let the judgemental sort stew in their puddle of judgy-ness till they realize that there is a far better way to go through life...




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