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Hello Lovelies!

Not going to lie, my brain is function at a low level right now but I was intent on posting something today for you guys! I actually am going to post about something that I am sure I have written about in the past but that could have been over a year ago for all I know so why not talk about it again, I am talking about following your dreams.

I just posted a great quote on my Instagram (lovely20somethings) that just sparked an idea for a post since it was a quote I really needed to read myself.

Yes even people who blog about living a positive life need a pick me up here and there!

Especially when burn out is starting to rear its ugly head (wait didn't I just post about how to beat burn out? Guess I need to go read it and take my own advice! ). How about I first off share the photo I shared on my Instagram...

How absolutely awesome is that quote?

The author of the quote itself is unknown but the minute I read this quote I fell in love with it because it is just spilling over with truth.

Too often we as people put our dreams aside, lock them in a box at the back of our minds and torture ourselves with the "what ifs" that come up because we never actually tried to chase those dreams. If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you will know that chasing your dreams is a big thing for me. I think we are given our dreams for a reason. I have said this many times but our dreams are gifts, they were not given to you to torture you and keep you up at night because you are convinced your dreams will never come true because whatever reasons whether they are because people have told you, media tells you or society tells you.

Or even if you tell yourself that out of fear or feeling inadequate.

The fact is that dreams were meant to be chased and this has always been my mentality. I have met many people who roll their eyes when I say "when I move to London" (which I almost did a year ago but will be sending my butt there once my degree is done) or when I would tell people "I will go back to school" which I did end up doing and am doing very well, thank you very much! There will always be people who are more then ready to shoot you down and tell you not to bother because dreams are just that...dreams.

Not a reality.

But that is the beauty of it...they are the possibility of becoming your reality, the life you really want and a life you would thrive in because it is in your very core. We all deserve to live a life that fuels us and fills us up with joy. We are deserve the chance to chase our dreams, an attempt is more fulfilling then never trying because at least you can sit back and go "I tried" and be proud to be one of those people who gave their dreams a shot.

Chase those dreams and the bigger you dream the better.

You deserve a shot at your dreams...every person does.

(I think I need to film a vlog ranting about this!)



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