Frank Coffee Scrub :First Impressions Vlog!


Hello Lovelies!

As I have shared in the past I am a vegetarian and I really make a point to use products for my skin and hair that are as natural and organic as possible. Now when I find a product that is vegan
I really have a hard time controlling myself from buying said product and this
time I failed! I gave in and bought the Frank Coffee Scrub that I have heard about for a while now and had often seen while browsing Instagram and Pinterest. What sealed the deal was a friend of
mine told me how amazing it was so I figured, hey why not?

As a little treat to myself for working so hard in University I decided to purchase the original coffee scrub and give it a try! Better yet I figured I would share my thoughts on this awesome vegan
product in a new vlog! As a bonus I threw in some moments of me being weird just for you.

The fact of the matter is that I personally have horrible skin in the wintertime. It is dry, flakey, itchy and always breaking out which resulted in me being totally fed up with it and really
searching for a natural product that would exfoliate and soften.  I am sure many, many people can relate to this as well as relate to hunting for a natural or vegan product to use that doesn’t cost an arm, leg or your first born plus a side of second born.

Check it out! I also love comments so feel free to share your thoughts!

You can check out this Frank product and others here.

On a side note, I realized I missed a post early this week. Honestly it was just because I had a big test happening that week so all my focus was on that task as well as I am in the middle of figuring out a new template for the blog! How exciting!

Hope you guys enjoy my vlog and that you have a LOVELY weekend.



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