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I have shared in the past how much I love to travel, adventure, explore and to just find myself in new places. So I thought I would share my Top Ten Travel Bucket List Destinations! Pretty much they are places I am drooling over and imaging in my mind that I am there and living it up. For me travel is not just something to do just to say you did it, for me it is something I have always loved and put all my money into. I always have savings put aside to travel because in my eyes travel is so important. It opens you up to so many amazing and new things as well it can shape who you are as a person.

It gives me something to strive towards, save for and look forward to and I know many people feel the same way that I do.

So how about we move onto the list! The destinations are in no particular order.


The beautiful Machu Picchu 
I have wanted to go to Peru literally since I was about nine years old. I got hooked on history at a very early age, starting with a book on mummies when I was about seven and since then most of my travels revolve around seeing historic sites. Machu Picchu is very high on that list of me, more specifically doing the actual four day hike because along the way you see many other ruins, not just the amazing famous site. Of course besides the historic appeal; the culture, beauty of the landscape and the opportunity to see a country so different from my own would be mind-blowing.


The busy streets of Tokyo
Besides being known for anime, cute toys and being on top of what's new in technology, Japan is also stunning, different, new and the culture is amazing. There is nothing that would make me happier then getting dressed in a yukata and going to a summer festival or visiting a temple. My list of cities to see in Japan is extensive: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Kyoto and Sapporo. Though I am sure I will add more to that list when I eventually go there! Plus I am a sucker for their many flavoured Kit-Kats.


The glass igloos in Finland are 100% on my list.
"No one checks on Finland"
A running joke in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was that the main protagonist lies and says she speaks Finnish on her resume and it is ok because no one would look into it (of course this eventually bites her in the butt). Which surprises me because Finland is pretty darn gorgeous! I became really interested in going to Finland about a year ago and the more I read about it and looked into it, the higher it got on my list. Finnish saunas, reindeer ranches, the food, the hikes, the nature, and the lifestyle overall! I cannot wait to see it for myself.


An ice-cave in Iceland is necessary 
Two words. Biking Iceland. I had a coworker a few years ago who biked Iceland and shared with us how amazing it was along with some of his pictures from the trip and it has been in the back of my mind since. A working pattern in my list is that the scenery is amazing, the nature is mind-blowing and my eyes just want to drink it all in. How can you not want to go to a country that is known as The Land of Ice and Fire


Remember how I mention that when I was seven I found a book on mummies and it jump started my love of history? Well my first love in history was Egypt and still is. I am a nut case when it comes to ancient Egypt and I can pretty much guarantee that when I eventually go I will cry getting off the plane, cry when I go to the Cairo Museum, cry when I see Karnak, Abu Simbel, Giza and pretty much every historical site like some kind of weirdo. I may even cry at the chance to ride a camel in the Valley of the Kings. Scratch that...I will cry.

New Zealand

New beauty
I 100% blame Peter Jackson so this unrelenting need to go to New Zealand and ride a horse around the north and south islands. I am pretty sure I am not the only person who feels like this either. I don't feel that I need to explain New Zealand, just go Google some images or watch The Lord of the Rings and then you will get it...


Effiel Tower, one amazing shot
The city of love and lights, this one is a obvious one but sadly I missed out on going to Paris last year while in Europe because I got very sick in Scotland and had to hop over to Poland right after to get better at a family member's home. Paris is just stunning and I have a need to go into the catacombs because my history nutcase side is obsessed with it. Plus I have a friend who lives in Paris and her photos of this city make me weak at the knees. J'adore!


Pele Castle, this is just a stunning place
Fun fact, I have always had an interested in Romania since I also have a interest in creepy stories and folklore which are two things Romania is pretty much a master at. There are three locations in Romania that are must do's for me: Pele Castle, Hundora Castle and seeing the Carpathian Mountains. Plus why wouldn't you want to go to a country that birthed the ever famous villain; Dracula.


Here we go again, another country jam-packed with history, mythology and things to make my little history heart beat just a little faster. Believe it or not as much as the history is something that draws me in the culture and lifestyle of the Greeks is something I would like the experiences as well as do some island hopping that like little explorer in my enjoys to do!


Red Rock...let's go out to the outback guys!
For me, Australia is where my adventuring heart wants to go and just climb everything, swim at every beach and avoid all deadly creatures. From off roading in the outback to surfing at Surfer's Paradise there are more then enough activities that I could list that I want to eventually have the opportunity to do in Australia. But I will admit that besides being a wild child and taking part in as many outdoor activities as I possibly can there, it would be nice just to sit at the beach in Noosa and relax as well.

I hope you enjoyed my list!

What are your dream destinations to go to and explore?



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  1. Oh man. Finland and Iceland would definitely be near the top of my list. Granted, I'd go to pretty much anywhere in Scandinavia, but that's beside the point. I'm happy to see someone else who has Romania on their list as well. I love the culture of Eastern Europe and think it'd be wonderful to see for myself.

    1. I am glad someone out there has their eye on Finland and Iceland like me! I feel they are so underrated... Oh I love Eastern Europe, I go to Poland and visit my family there every couple of years, I am sure you would enjoy it! Again I think Romania is highly underrated!

    2. Most of the colder countries are incredibly underrated. Then again, I'll believe that every day because of my love for cold weather. I'm quite jealous that you get to travel to Poland. That's near the top of my life of places to visit as well.

      Btw, I'm not sure if I updated you on my new website, however, I've linked it in the URL for this comment. I took my old blog (Short Stories and Sustenance) down when I bought my new domain. Still working on updating all my former readers.

  2. South America is easily top of my list - Peru included :) I'm worried that I'll never have enough time to visit everywhere that I want to!


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