3 Days of Christmas: All That Glitters


It is Day 3 of "5 Days of Christmas"! 

And for all the fellas out there, this post may be a bit too on the feminine side for you.

Unless you enjoy glittery things then read on!

One random fact about me is that I love glittery and sparkly things, which means Christmas and wintertime are my time to shine. This season is the perfect opportunity to whip out some shimmery pieces. Here are just some of my favourite items to show off during the winter season this year.

This post is defiantly for my fellow twenty-somethings who like to doll up here and there. I write about living a happy and positive life but I am still a girl...and I have that girl tendency to like pretty things.

So enjoy!

Too Faced Christmas Edition - So pretty and the highlighter has a fantastic shimmer.
I will add that this product is vegan and cruelty free..two of my favourite words.

Grey and Glitter, makes your nails look like a dark snow storm! Grey
Nail polish from Forever 21 (cheap cheap cheap!)

Oh Hello Olaf! Nice snowflake sheets you got there...

A simple sparkly stop that can be worn with jeans or black pants.
Grey top from H&M/ Black Sweater from American Eagle

A golden disco on your feet if you are wearing a neutral or all-black
outfit. These are from American Eagle (got em on sale, go me!)

Oh hey your back! Nice glittery toque you got there. Looks like
snowflakes still hanging out on it.

Jewellery is a given. Clearly I have a thing for snowflakes...

The glitter does not have to only be on your clothing...
like my little bird :)

It's a candy cane carousal...
I hope you enjoyed my little glitter show!

Only two sleeps till Christmas which means you have time to make someone's day. Give strangers a smile, donate to your local charity whether it is money, goods, or your time. Be a positive point in someone's day and give love and compassion whenever you can. This world we live in needs more giving hearts to actually give...and not just talk about it.

I admit, I just cannot write a post without some kind of loving and positive reminder!


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