4 Days of Christmas: Top 5 Christmas Activities


It is day 4 of "5 Days of Christmas"!

For this post I am sharing my Top 5 activities to do during the holiday season. You can do these on your own or with loved ones, either way they are fun and things I personally try to do every Christmas season. Most of us usually end up just watching Christmas movies and sometimes forget there is more to do during the holidays then just watch "A Christmas Story" one hundred times (though it is easy to do with that movie).

So sit back, relax and make some notes because there is still time to fit in a couple of these activities before Santa forces his fat butt down your chimney!

Top 5 Christmas Activities 

I have shared that I really enjoy DIY (do-it-yourself) projects which is no surprise since I am creativity inclined (which just meant I drew the short straw in math skills...a very short straw) but I have noticed that Christmas is packed full of DIY projects you can do on your own or with friends. As much fun as they are to do solo, and usually you can do more faster, I really do like meeting up with some friends and attempting to make Pinterest worthy projects which usually includes glitter going everywhere. Either way it is a great time to spend with friends and you can make some snazzy presents in process! As they say it is the thought that counts and personally I love getting homemade gifts.
For Christmas I actually posted a vlog not to long ago that can be found here on two of my favourite DIY gifts that I made this year.
Yes technically this is more of a winter activity but Christmas happens in the winter so ta-da my logic works. I am crossing my fingers that I will manage to get up to the mountains this year and do this activity myself but unfortunately it is just not happening before Christmas but it still can for you! Snowshoeing lets you see nature in the snow up close and personal, without the worry of running into a tree while having pieces of wood strapped to your feet. I love snowshoeing, its affordable, you can take your time and it is easy to go in a group without loosing each other. Plus I can guarantee the scenery will be stunning...
    snowshoeing at Grouse Mountian
I remember back in the day I saw a play every year...more because I was in a play every Christmas while I was in elementary school. There is something about seeing a Christmas play that just takes you back to a time where families would get together, dress up and see a play about Nutcrackers, Scrooges and Christmas spirit. I have always been a fan of theatre and even studied it, as much as Christmas movies are the bees-knees there is something about going to a play, with the energy in the room and acting of the performers that really just hits the spot.
Now if you live in Europe, going to a Christmas Market is a given. Pretty much a must-do but if you are in North America they are not as common but there are always alternatives. Christmas Markets are packed with good food, handmade goods and live music. I recently went to the one in Vancouver with one of my best friends and may
I say the mulled wine was exceptional (you can see my little trip to the market here) but if you do not have a Christmas Market per-say in your area there are usually Christmas craft fairs which may not have all the delicious food of the typical Christmas Market but they will have handmade goods and Christmas Activities. 
Skating is awesome, but what is even better then skating is outdoor skating. Where I live there is only one outdoor skating rink and it is in downtown Vancouver and was built during the 2010 Olympics. I have only been to it a couple of times but is really is a lot of fun since you can see the downtown area of Vancouver lit up for Christmas. There is just a little extra energy and spirit in a outdoor skating rink and they are fun to go to with friends or on a date (wink wink). If you are lucky, maybe you live somewhere that is cold enough to have a frozen lake where you can skate outdoors or a designated outdoor skating rink out in nature...never hurts to find out. (of course...make sure it is safe first)

There is my Top 5 Christmas Activities
Here are some honourable mentions that are equally as awesome and are ones that everyone should have on their list:
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Spreading love and patience
  • Not getting caught up in all the gift craziness and remembering that what is important is being with those you love and the warm feelings you give them. Not how much you spent.
What are some of you favourite Christmas activities?
I would love to know!



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