5 Days of Christmas: Top 5 Christmas Movies


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Christmas is creeping upon us so I though that this year I would do a fun little "5 Days of Christmas" series, where I will share fun things like movie lists and some sweet positive reminders about this holiday season. So how about we kick it off with the first day!

It is that time of year again...the time where we loose track of time watching the array of Christmas movies we have at our disposal. Many of us have our own favourites that we love to watch all curled up on our couches getting fat off of cookies and hot chocolate with candy canes on the side but to be sure you did not miss out on any of the particularly awesome Christmas movies that are out there I decided to write up a Top 5 List of the Best Christmas Movies (in my humble and chocolate fuelled opinion).

So sit back, enjoy, and make notes.

Your welcome.

Top 5 Christmas Movies!


Is there any character in any recent Christmas movie that can make you feel all warm inside while at the same time snorting your hot chocolate out of your nose? Yes I figured your answer would be no. Since "Elf" came out, starring Will Ferrel and Zooey Deschanel, it quickly became one of my favourite go-to Christmas movies. It is packed with humour, warm feelings and Will Ferrel in awfully tight leotards...honestly that should have been the tag line. Oh and it stars a grown man who thinks he is an elf...


I remember watching the Santa Clause as a kid and being totally mesmerized by how quickly Tim Allen grew his facial hair for the role. Cut me some slack, I was pretty young at the time. There are plenty of Santa Clause movies out there (and unfortunately two too many sequels) but this original is a great family film and there are some nicely thrown in adult jokes that I now finally get...if the 90's did anything for us it was blessing us with great holiday movies like this.


As fun as this family is to watch I am pretty glad I am not a part of it. Chevy Chase plays one cray cray husband and father who is totally obsessed with creating the perfect family experience for his family. Which of course is bound to turn into chaos and mayhem, so this is the perfect film for families to watch together, look at each other and agree that maybe their own family is not that crazy. But honestly I love this movie, its insane but still some how makes you feel all warm on the inside. Though the cat scene may make you cringe...


Iconic is basically one of the best words that can be used to sum up this movie. It hurts to watch it half the time and you question how Harry and Marv survived 90% of the damage that was done to them yet you laugh because pain is funny (the human race really needs to figure itself out!). If there is one movie I have watched three times or more around the holidays since I was five years old it was this one.
Quick break down: Eight year old boy with great comedic timing is left home alone at Christmas, two burglars try to break into his home, boy owns an air gun and has a scary talent of creating awesome booby traps for the thieves. Comedy ensues.


Oh boy, oh boy this one is a classic. From fishnet leg lamps to children being forced to eat soap...with those words you wouldn't assume that this is one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Ralph is the young boy who plays the lead in this movie while his future adult self narrates and it is just pure gold the things that this movie came up with. Set in a time before iPhones, computers and Tinder this movie harkens back to a time where we were forced to actually interact with each other and going to see Santa at the mall was the biggest deal ever. I am sure, or at least I sure hope, that most people have seen this movie...if you haven't I suggest you get right on it. There are lessons to be learned, alternatives to swear words to be heard and a lot of Christmas spirit to be felt.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Christmas List! Feel free to let me know if you agree and as well
do you have a favourite Christmas movie and if so which one is it?


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