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Hello everyone and happy Tralala Tuesday!

I am finally done my classes for this semester and that means I will actually have time this month to consistently blog, sleep and have something that resembles a social life! So excited right now, but in all honesty I cannot complain since University has been a great learning curve. Yes it has been overwhelming many times, busy to the point of chaos but none of that compares to the knowledge that I will actual have a BA to put towards a career that I actually want.

Basically a career that allows me to use my creativity.

But as much as University has been good, other things have been less then swell. Finances, time, lack of sleep, and time to put towards my own mental health has been taxing. Basically I have been experiences very high levels of stress lately which as anyone not good for anybody. But the main thing I have noticed is that this stress has been affecting is my ability to see the good in things some days. My mentality of "being grateful daily" kind of shot out the window around the two month mark in school, when I found myself either at work or at school when I wasn't at home sleeping or doing homework.

Remember to Be Grateful

I hate to admit that I forgot to be grateful, even for the little things since it is a subject I have written about many times, but it is true. I began to resent many things around me, even my choice to go back to school. Everything sucked in my mind.

I am aching to travel but neither have the time nor the money to do so. Finances in general is a whole other story, and with the addition of other stresses I convinced myself here and there that nothing was going right. Nothing was good. Now this was not in any way a daily thing. More of a "here and there" kind of thing but still, it is something I am now aware of and can see how it negatively effected my days where I felt that way.

It is so important to be grateful in life and be grateful daily, even for the little things. More importantly it is important to be grateful for being alive (which is no little thing!) because we have no
way of knowing if we will be awake in the morning or even last through a day. We, as people, have a habit of only looking at the things going wrong and dismissing the things that are going right. Things that could really brighten and improve our day and mood if we only took a moment to acknowledge them and be grateful we have those moments.

Stress is something that is going to happen, there will be bumps in the road, but being grateful is such a simple thing to do and a thing that can really change your outlook on your whole day or even a situation. If you find yourself in a really bad spot where negative thoughts are just clouding up your brain, think to yourself of just one thing that is going right or that you are grateful to have in your life whether it is a friend, a pet or where you live and focus on that. Push those negative thoughts and stress away with the good that is in your life.

It is not about forcing happiness; it is about not letting sadness win.

So be grateful. It is more powerful then you may think.

In Other News...

I shared a couple months ago that I was published in a anthology over in the UK. The title of the book is Rites of Passage: Rights of Womanhood Vol. 1 and it was released a little over a month ago!

I finally got my copy and man am I excited about it! It is crazy to see myself published in a book internationally and on a topic that I believe many women and men could benefit from, overcoming hardships in life. Basically the book is a collection of stories from women who have overcome difficult times in life and came out the other side strong, happier and pulsating with positivity.
Personally I think anyone who needs to feel like they are no alone in whatever they may be going through would find this book a big help. It really makes you feel like you are not alone in your struggles and that there is a light a the end of the tunnel. My chapter is called "Untouchable" and to see my own words in print is pretty wild.

What is even better was this book was created through the passion of one young women, Ace Jackson, over in the UK and proceeds go towards aiding sex trafficked victims and putting an end to it.

You can purchase the book here on Amazon or you can even just take a look! I just wanted to share my excited over this book...I have always wanted to be published and this is a good start!


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