New Years = New Year


I feel like I have not written a proper post on this blog for a couple of weeks so I figured what better time to post one then in the shadow of an oncoming holiday...

It is that time of year again.
Brace yourselves.

It is that time where we celebrate the end of one series of numbers and celebrate the arrival of a slightly different yet similar series of numbers. Yes, New Years is upon us which means an onslaught of resolutions that don't survive past two weeks followed by the remorse of failing so quickly and not sticking to said resolutions. I have shared in my past New Years post for 2014 that I do not make resolutions or believe in them and I still feel the same way.

To me a resolution means an expectation and expectations usually lead to disappointment because the goal is not met when the person expects it to be. Honestly I just find resolutions to be a waste of time and it has really just become one giant punch line. No one expects to even stick with their resolutions when they make them...but they make them just the same.

Just like last year I am not making a resolution, instead I am making a promise to myself. 

There is no set "achievement" date.


Looking back on this past year it has been a series of ups and downs. Amazing moments coupled with moments from a nightmare. 2014 has been a year where I have figured out many things and then become extremely confused about other things. During the summer I got to take more road trips then I expected and had, for the first time in many years, an actually summer off of work or school. I gained some amazing new friends including my best friend Nicolle whom I cherish because she is just as bat-shit crazy as I am! I went back to university and past my first semester with strong grades and bought some gold shoes that look like Liberace threw up on them.

Lessons were learned and moments were created. I shared some amazing getaways with some amazing friends, I also dealt with moments of extreme sadness, doubt, and anxiety but at the end of it all I have come out of 2014 with my eyes set on a new promise to myself. The promise I made to myself for the start of 2014 was to go after what I want and get into school. I managed to fulfil that promise even though it created some frustrating moments in my life but the fact is...I did it. This year my promise is more personal, a promise I keep making to myself but always seems to forget to actually do it.

What is this promise?

To Live.

I am someone who has always had big dreams and taken risks over and over again. The ordinary life does not appeal to me and I have always aimed my sights on often the most random goals but I noticed that in 2014 and for many years I did not live. I did not take the time to do things I truly enjoyed doing, I dropped many hobbies and as much as I did take road trips those were the only things I really did this year. So my goal is to live, not simply exist. To simply exist is something that terrifies I will just have to do the opposite.

I have already began by doing dance classes again and setting up activities here and there, just to prove that I do not have to wait till the New Year to start up keeping my promise to myself. I do have other promises to myself but this is the big one and it is one I think many people can relate to.

So on that note...

Happy New Year!
(whether you care or me)


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