15 Things to Remember for 2015


It is a Tuesday and I am posting!

Clearly the stars and planets have aligned because I really did not think this post was going to happen. Welcome to 2015 folks! I am sure by now you have read your fair share of inspiring, hopefully, belly busting and heart warming quotes, plans and resolutions but I am going to shove just one more into the mix with my latest post! While we are all busy with those resolutions we have made, it is important to remember that 2015 lasts twelve months which gives us plenty of time to do those resolutions plus a bunch of other fantastic things that could help us and those around us!

These twelve months could mean time to create the life for yourself that you have always wanted, a different attitude, a new outlook, a real love for yourself, and so many other things. 

So here is my own list of 15 Things to Remember for 2015! I wanted to share my own personal "goals" and thoughts that I think could benefit others in this crazy all consuming world we live in. 

Now go ahead, grab a bevy and take a gander!

Take time for yourself lets be honest, how often do we truly get to do this? Even if we are taking time to ourselves we are usually thinking about a future task we will need to get done which totally takes us out of the moment! Take real time for yourself. You deserve it.

Don't sweat the small stuff because most "huge issues" are actually small issues we blow out of proportion. Don't make it bigger then it is...don't give the small stuff too much of your attention.

Let go if it holds you back, what is the point?

Don't like something? Change it. Do not just complain, whine, hate and be a mopper. Step up, make a plan and create the change you want in your life. You are your own greatest weapon.

Set Goals long term, short term, 24 hour term. Whatever works! Who doesn't feel great after completing a goal? Exactly. No one. 

Wake up with a positive thought it sets the tone for the rest of your day and starts your brain off on the right track!

Go to bed with a positive thought can help you sleep and set the right tone for when you wake up! Thus leading to a positive thought when you wake up. 

Acknowledge when things are sucking, then change it. Sometimes things suck, and sometimes they can suck really bad. But that does not mean it has to stay sucking! If you are not happy with a situation, whatever it may be, find a way to flip it and change it. If it is just a sucky period, ride the wave and find out what helps YOU deal with the situation, just make what helps you a positive influence.

Remove toxic influences wether it is a toxic job, relationship, outlook or diet, life is too short to swim through it. Ain't no body got time for that!

Be kind one kind word can change a strangers day. As they say, do unto those as you would like done unto you. Spread the love, sprinkle that kindness and put yourself in the shoes of other people. Just because you are having a bad day or time does not give you the right to dump on others.

Take what others say & think with a grain of salt you are always going to have people giving you their opinion and thoughts on the things you do, want, and dream...that does not mean they are always right.

Do what makes you happy because you friggin deserve to be happy! That is a fact.

Know your worth (your priceless btw) so many of us measure our worth by what we own, where we have been, how much money we have, who we hang out with and how much "fame" we have or don't have. Let's be honest in the end none of that matters, it is who you are that matters and you are priceless with or without those extra things!

Take risks because it makes life just that much more interesting, scary, amazing and possibly riddled with a few broken bones here and there.

Live your damn life. I have nothing more to add.

That's all folks! Lets make this year one that rocks our socks, and the socks of those around us, right off!

What do you think should be kept in mind for 2015?


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