Be True To You!


As promised I have a new vlog posted on my Youtube Channel today! Since I missed the last two weeks when it comes to posting on my blog I wanted to at least hold up my promise and tada! I have delivered!

This vlog post it all in the name "Be True To You", it is so easy these days to put who you really are on the back burner and created a totally different person just to appease the people around you. We have been told that to be a good person we must put other's happiness before our own, be a person who fits in and does not stir the pot, and to be the kind of person other's want you to be. Which is a horrible standard for people to live up to because then we believe that to put our own happiness before other's makes us a selfish and self centred egotist which is very much not true.

Your happiness matters just as much as anyone else's!

If the real you does not appeal to certain people I can assure you that you will find people that you do appeal to and share your interests, life views and passions.

I cover all of my thoughts on this in my post! I hope you enjoy it and if you do please feel free to subscribe!



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  1. Very Cool I love your Spirit.. Keep being you!

  2. A great message to get across! :) It's so true; I think there are many times when as a human being, we need to take the time to be selfish to an extent and care about ourselves
    Life inside the Locket

    1. exactly, how can you expect to be happy if you never take your own happiness into consideration? thanks for the lovely comment :)


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