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Coming at you lovely folks, finally a new post!

So welcome back my fantastic readers to a Tralala Tuesday post. Following up on the vlog I posted over the weekend (which you can find linked in my previous post) I thought I would continue down the "being yourself" route and share my thoughts with you on the real power of being yourself.

Now I am not going to get into how society and the media as well as even people in our lives have educated us to think that we have to act and be a certain way to succeed in life and convince people to like us, I have already covered that in my video so if you like you can pop over there! With this post I want to focus totally on being yourself and the power that it can and will give you. Now when I say being yourself I mean totally accepting who you are and loving yourself. This world we live in will be more then happy to throw negativity at you so to throw negativity at yourself on top of that is just going to hinder you completely.


Now the power in loving yourself is the acceptance of yourself that goes hand in hand with deciding you love yourself. Now often when you say "love yourself" people think it means you have some kind of Kanye West complex but that is really not the case. Loving yourself does not mean being an egotist, self centred or selfish. It is about loving yourself and deciding that instead of brewing self loathing within yourself and being self deprecating to the point that you are only handicapping yourself, you instead encourage yourself and tell yourself that you are enough, that you will succeed, that you are worth every breathe you take on this planet and deserve every good thing that happens to you.

That you deserve love, not just from others but from yourself.

For many of us, the bullying and feeling of worthlessness may have nothing to do with what others do or say to us. For many of us it is our own inner dialogue which is more damaging then what anyone else can say to you because it is in your head, 24/7. It is so powerful when you decide to replace those negative thoughts with thoughts full of love and I really do not care how lame that may sound because dammit it works!

Love yourself. Tell yourself every day how amazing you are because it is the truth.

And I don't lie.


Nice header right? Only slightly cheesy right?

But everyone likes some cheese and everyone likes to feel powerful in their own life.

When you love yourself you are empowering yourself. You are giving yourself the permission to be who you are, 100% of the time and letting yourself go after what you truly want in life. The job you want, the life you want, the lifestyle you believe in and whatever else makes you tick or ticks you off and you want to change it. Living in fear of who you are in the end only truely hurts you. It cuts you the deepest and scars you the longest. 

Empower yourself with love for yourself. When you love and trust yourself it opens so many doors for you that you may not even realized were closed. As well many fear that if they are themselves they will loose the friends they have but...would you really want to stay friends with people who do not want to be around the real you and just the you that was created to appease them?

I really hope your answer to that is a resounding and fist slamming no.
Because the reality is that yes, when you change and accept yourself which usually comes with a sudden backbone and your own opinion, some people you are friends with may want to distance themselves from you for whatever reason. Maybe they liked you being more complacent, or perhaps they liked your bitterness and negativity because it made them feel better about their own lives, or perhaps they just liked having someone to wallow with. But don't worry...

You will attract people around you with a similar mind set and love for themselves because certain energies attract each other.


Now I know I make it sound so easy but the truth is not. It takes work and dedication to yourself. Sometimes I have people totally misunderstand what I am saying and they think I live in a cotton candy world where being positive is easy and I don't come in contact with anything negative or having bad days or horrible situations occur in my own life. The fact of the matter is I am human and with this blog I have always tried to cut the sugar coating completely out of the reality of choosing to live a happier life, taking on a positive mindset and healing whatever wounds are keeping you or anyone else from living a full life that they deserve.

It takes work. It takes a promise to yourself and it takes time.

But in the end it is worth it.



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AS WELL. As someone who had family in concentration camps during WWII and since today is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz...I hope mankind keeps the people who died horrifically inside and outside this camp and others in mind and does whatever they can to keep history from repeating itself.

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