5 Ways to Relax and Heal


Hello lovely readers!

So today I decided that for Tralala Tuesday I wanted to share a list with you on some easy and affordable ways to relax right in your own home and most of them are free! Yes...I said free. There are still some things in this world that do not require you to open your wallet up while silently weeping and then loudly weeping at home. I have been slow on posts lately because right now I am in the middle of midterms and alas they are demanding my full attention wether I want to give it or not. But because I have been so stressed and forcing myself to relax it inspired me to share this post with you all.


I mean, lets be honest, most people these days struggle with relaxing. They will decide to relax, doing it for a few minutes or perhaps a bit more and then quickly find something to do because they are just so used to doing things in this day and age that to actually give themselves a moment's break feels unnatural and for some...very uncomfortable.

All this leads to is the ironic situation where relaxing becomes a stressful situation because the individual is stressed out about relaxing because they cannot seem to relax! 

How about we nip that in the bud?

I mean humans deserve to relax (honestly all living things deserve a break...can you just imagine how worn out Mother Nature must be right now dealing with all the messes we have created? Poor chicka) and the important thing about relaxing is not to think about the need to relax...it is simply done by actually doing it. Clearing your head and enjoying the moment you are in because relaxing helps you in all ways, emotionally, mentally and physically. It helps balance emotions, relieve tension in the body and clears your mind...

5 Ways to Relax and Heal


This one is my go-to choice for relaxing, just filling the bathtub up with fairly warm water ( I prefer it on the hotter side) and pouring in 1 1/2 - 2 cups of Epsom salts into the water. The reason this is one of my favourites is because the combination of the hot water and epsom salts helps turn your limbs
into jelly and relieve tension in the body. I am prone to tense muscles and swelling in my ankles because of stress and also because I am a runner.

If there is one thing that helps it is this! Plus who does not like lying in a bathtub with some of their favourite music playing (lately for me it has been the soundtrack from the French film Amelie...nothing says relaxing like whimsical strings and the accordion) and just hiding away from the world for even just 20 minutes! You deserve 20 minutes to yourself! Now when it comes to the health benefits of epsom salts there are quite a few! Not only does it help with relaxing muscles and easing tension it also aids in releasing toxins from the body, healing cuts, clearing your system when you have a cold and helps with blood circulation.

So not only are you relaxing you are healing your body as well!


Ok this one is a bit of an obvious one for me to share since in the past I have shared how often I do yoga and how I feel it has benefited me but I am sharing it again because it is true! Not only does yoga encourage you to clear your mind and focus on the now, yourself and your breathing it also stretches out your muscles and lubricates your joints which leads to a feeling of relaxation. Obviously because of this it helps with muscle tension but not only because you are moving your body and stretching it out but because you are being forced to pace and watch your breathing.

You can almost compare it to being hypnotized in a way, like it is a pocket watch being swung in front of you and you are focusing on it and relaxing. That is what watching your breathing during yoga is kind of like, which prevents your mind from wandering because in those moments of doing yoga it is about you.


When I was a kid bath time was the best time. I am such a water baby and grew up spending plenty of Lush products I now love called "bath bombs". Ok yes they are not your typical bubble bathes, mostly because they do not bubble like crazy due to many unhealthy chemicals that you find in traditional bubble bathes. Instead you get light bubbles and really delicious smells which are enough to keep me in the bath for longer then usual.
time just sitting there with my toys and mounds of bubbles to keep me company. I have to say not much has changed and I have fallen back in love with taking bubble bathes, mostly thanks to the

Now wether you would rather use the traditional bubble-tastic bubble bathes or the more natural products the point is to enjoy your bath. Most come with really lovely smells and some with a milky feeling in the bath so just lie back, put on that music and chill out. Be like a kid again and let your fingers get all prune-like and ugly...you deserve it.


Most people love music, we listen to it in our cars, while studying, sometimes while working and on the transit. But usually when we listen to music we are doing something at the same time, but I challenge you instead to listen to music...and do nothing else.

No chores, no reading, no nothing.

Just lie down or sit down, whichever you prefer, and just listen to your music and let it (pardon the cheese) "take you away". Music is it's own version of escapism, especially instrumental music, so let yourself enjoy it and sink into it. If there is one thing the right music selection won't do is stress you out.


Sit in a park, by the beach, or even just zone out in savasana, just make sure you are doing nothing. No reading, no music, no overthinking. Just be in the moment and let yourself be a lazy blob doing nothing. I suggest looking up at the sky when being a blob for the natural entertainment.


So there is my list!

I hope it is helpful even in a small way because at the end of the day we all deserve a break so we might as well take one. You only live once and what is the point if you are going to live it stressed out without a moment to yourself!

Take the time to relax lovelies!



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