College Organization Tips!


I was asked awhile back on my Instagram account to make a video on organization while in college/university. Now I do not know if I am the best person to give advice on this topic but I do have some little hints here and there that may help fellow students (or they may just been very Captain Obvious tips...) either way, for my fellow students out there, here is a quick video blog about staying on top of things while trying to survive going to university.

Being at college or university is already a pretty stressful existence with things being due, expectations, grade requirements and of course assignments and exams. Now being disorganized or procrastinating (raises hand slowly) will only really add to all the already existing stress that is happening! I can assure you the students I know who are the most stressed or struggling while in school are the students who do little to not planning or organization with their assignments and tests and literally leave it all to the last minute.

Hopefully some, or even one, of these tips can help you guys out!

We are trying to aim for a positive, calm and happy existence and when it comes to trying to achieve this state you need to take into account every aspect of your life and try to make it easier when it comes to minimizing negativity brought on by stress.


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