3 Cruelty Free Favorites: Makeup and Body


A fun fact about me is that I love animals.

I adore them, stalk them, talk in a baby voice to them and absolutely despise the idea of animal testing for makeup and body products. I feel that it is so unnecessary and horrible the things they do to animals for the sake of something that is not even a necessity for human life so I wanted to share my TOP 3 Favorite cruelty free companies that sell makeup and body goods!

If you do not know anything about animal testing I would recommend you read up on
, it is one of those uncomfortable truths that many don’t want to acknowledge because it may mean having to give up something they enjoy or choose a different company to purchase from but trust me…in the end, knowing that you are not giving money to companies that harm animals for
eye-shadow will make you feel good on the inside.

So save a bunny and look into cruelty free products.

Check out my video post to see my top three (and my reasons as to why they are my top three) companies and keep your eyes peeled for a new post on Tuesday. With midterms finally nearly being over and the list of projects being due becoming smaller and smaller I can finally put
more energy back into my blog.


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