3 Tips for College Stress & Harem Pants


Well hello there...

I am so proud of myself for being on such a role these past two weeks with posting on time on both my blog and Youtube channel *self high five*. It is not about the viewing or reader numbers…it is about that satisfaction that somehow I managed to get something done while my University homework sits there whispering…


But in all seriousness I have two things I wanted to share with you lovely readers this fine Tralala Tuesday! First off is my newest vlog video where I am sharing my three tips on how to deal with college stress. They are easy, free and totally work…the sleep one is a tip that I feel I struggle with the most, like pretty much all other students do. There are moments were I am kind of funny and make sense so you should check it out.

If you do you get a free cyber cookie, 0 calories!

Second share of the day are these. Brace yourselves!
So I recently got my hands on a pair of pants I have been eyeing for a while now.

They are a little different from what I normally wear but finding out that they can fit back into their own pocket was a seller for me since all I could think was.

"Wow that would be awesome while travelling". 

Usually packing pants can be a big battle since they are usually: lumpy, take up a lot of room and never fit back in the same way twice. Oh and there is a copious amount of crotch space.

Not that I need it but it is nice to know it is there.

Behold my buddha pants!

Just say "Ohm"
They are comfy, fantastic to do yoga in and just scream "I am most likely a spiritual person who will happily share crystals with you and discuss vegan products". It is like a sign hanging over my head and I think I kind of like it. But honestly when it comes to traveling, I am pretty much stoked to try these out on my next long haul flight/train ride/bus ride and while hiking as well. Actually I think camping and hiking in these pants would be a very comfy experience indeed.

But why am I sharing these pants?

Because I can.

Also because I am in the middle of "that time in the semester" at University and find myself struggling to share happy, positive and insightful thoughts on this blog at this very moment. I have shared in the past that when I post my thoughts on topics related to positive living, happiness, good vibes ext I want them to come from a honest place and right now I am more in a "what is life?" state of mind. One point to higher education. So instead I share things I am enjoying lately!

So instead I share parachute crotch pants with you and I mean that in the most delightful of ways. Seriously they are awesome, and no awkward wedgie while doing yoga in these! Anyone who does yoga knows exactly what I am talking about!

Long live the harem pant! May the odds be ever in your favour.

If you would like to check these pants out for yourself, you can find them here at buddhapants.com.



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