Positive People Get Angry!


Hello Lovelies!

I know…I keep falling off the face of the earth every couple of weeks but the reality of being a (slightly overly)ambitious full-time university student taking five courses and aiming for a 3.5
GPA is that sometimes certain things require my focus a bit more and in this case studying has been trumping everything in my life, including this blog. But of course I plan to still continue with this blog, just the posts may be once a week or they may only happen every other week so please just hang in there with me you amazing readers!

My post today, kind of to make up for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks, is a double hitter! A video post and a written one since I know that some of my readers prefer actual written posts to video posts (and vice versa) so here I am, aiming to please both parties. The topic I am writing about for today’s Tralala Tuesday is a topic I have touched on in the past and it is a topic that I feel many, if not all people, who are choosing to live a more positive life, have to deal with every once in a while.  The topic is the accusation that “positivity is fake” and this usually comes up because of one major reason.

Human moments.

Now it is pretty silly but a lot of people believe that if you are a positive person, that means you never, ever, god forbid feel any emotions that even slightly resemble negativity. Which means
positive people should never: be angry, express said anger, put someone in their place, mouth off, get upset, have a bad day or feel negatively about themselves. Ever. Basically what people are suggesting is that if you choose to be positive you should also choose to hand in your humanity card because you no longer have the right to feel 50% of basic human emotions. Also known as becoming a robot…and we all know what happens to robots in the end if you have ever watched an Sc-Fi movie…it never ends well.

Now as someone who tries her best to live a positive life while juggling real life stresses and frustrations it does get incredibly frustrating when you have a moment where maybe you go:

“Man that *insert situation or person here* really pisses me off”

“Oh…what happened to being all positive miss positivity?” (followed usually by a scoff or eye roll)

All this really does it make an already frustrating situation even more frustrating because now you have someone pointing out that you are being human and just needs to point out that your “supposed” to be a happy positive elf 24/7. Or you will just get the people who outright accuse you of faking positivity which leaves you reminding yourself to take deep breathes because the reality is…these kind of situations will always exist.

There will always be people who do not or do not want to understand the concept of choosing to live a more positive life. Many people would rather just hangout in their negative cesspool of emotions and bring down others any moment they get down to their level because living a negative life sure does get lonely.  Instead of trying to argue or prove a point with these sorts of people, especially if they clearly do not want to be educated in anyway, just let it go. Leave it be and let yourself feel that human emotion because that is what you are.

Positive people get angry too! 

They get mad, sad, frustrated, depressed, anxious, irritated and a whole other basket of human emotions but in the end it is how you deal with those emotions that makes you a positive person. Choosing to let those feelings go, work through them and not let them “win” is what makes you a positive person. If is not all about the affirmations you share, the good vibes you send and all that jazz…it is also about how you deal with the darker moments in life.

So stay positive and don’t let other’s piss all over your cloud of happiness!



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