An Animation and an Update


Hello my wonderful readers...

Well it seems I did it again. I have nearly perfected my disappearing act where I hang around for a couple of weeks posting on schedule and then *poof* I am gone.

Such is the life of a college student when the end of the semester rolls around and teachers decided to give you all the homework and you find yourself scheduling food, sleep and breathing around all the work you need to finish. So for the past three weeks I have just been like...

So falling off the face of this blog for nearly three weeks was a necessary evil which has led to me being topic-less and with nothing to give you in a regular post instead I have decided to show you the two biggest projects I had over the past few weeks. The two projects my meals have been revolving around and huge percentages of my grades rest upon. Now for those who do not know, I am in a Fine Arts BFA Program doing a four year degree in three years and basically living primarily off of coffee and the wraps at the hipster cafe on campus. My focus is not to become a painter or sculpture, instead my focus is on conceptual design and digital when it comes to my drawing and digital classes I tend to put all my energy into them...even though my Japanese homework is constantly waving me over.

So when we got the assignment in drawing to do a nearly 4x4 drawing relating to a piece of music we had to listen to I kind of went all out and created this monster of a drawing...the message is simple but I will let you come to your own conclusions on the meaning. I used up one and a half art pencils and lost feeling in my right hand...

With digital media we were assigned to do a short animation. Now I have never done an animation before and quickly realized that the simpler the better since it was either that or give up on sleep completely. For me it was just an opportunity to work on my editing, storyboarding and cinematic tendencies. Say hello you my first ever animated short stop-motion film...


Well that has been my past couple of weeks, of course I am leaving out all the other homework I had and projects but I am not going to litter this post with the Japanese and Art History lessons...but I will leave you with this beauty I created. Any moment I have to combine my History nerd humour and art is a good moment in my books.

It's all about dat gout yo!
Keep your eyes peeled for future vlogs and regular posts since my semester is letting up soon!

And thank you for your patience as always :)



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  1. Bah..the site ate the first comment I tried to make. That said...I really like your film. It's dark, eerie, and a compelling piece nevertheless. The music really ties it all together. What's the music that you used?



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