Life Right Now: 2 Years of Blogging


So the good news is that I am not dead.

The other good news is that I managed to find time to hop back onto my blog! I only realized a couple of days ago between classes and job interviews that it is now May which makes this my second year of blogging on this blog and I have to say it both does not feel like two years but at the same time it does.

I can easily say that I have changed a lot from the start of this blog up till now! I went back to University, travelled to countries I had dreamed about since childhood, met some amazing friends and have really found myself in the sense of knowing where I stand, what I believe in, what lifestyle  speaks to me, and what I enjoying doing overall. When I started this blog it was primarily about living a positive and happy life. I would share my thoughts on many of the issues that people deal with today in the crazy world we live in : mental health, friendships, happiness, self reflection and dealing with negative situations. I really never thought this blog would get many views (so the numbers are surprising to me) and honestly my mentality from the start was that even if only one person read this and found some comfort in what I wrote...then I did what I had been hoping to do.

I would share posts relating to my lifestyle here and there, along with fashion and my artwork and now after writing mostly about happiness and positive living (about 90% of my posts relate to this) I have decided that I need and want to share more on this blog. After two years discussing the same issues I have noticed that I am almost re-using the same topics and discussing them again and again so I feel it is time for this blog to grow and expand. The reality is that I am a full-time (pretty weird) Arts Major who is also vegan, in love traveling, making people laugh, self expression and cute things that make me go "I can't even".

I know I have shared this in the past, that I want to expand and share more, but I have never really gone through with it because I was worried that perhaps you my lovely readers would not connect with it. But the reality is that I have always said, since the start of this blog, that I want to be 100% authentic with what I post and who I am. It was why I started this blog in the first place! So many blogs that I would read that would deal with the topic of positive living, being yourself, choosing to be happy, ect...were so incredibly sugar coated and made it seem like it was just that easy.

That with a snap of your fingers everything will change if you choose to be positive.

They would never share how hard it can and will be, they would rarely share that you may loose friends but at the same time eventually gain new ones.  They would never share how it can take years to get to that point and that it takes a lot of work, a promise to yourself and a true want to be happy and love yourself. They rarely mention how tough it is just accept who you are, especially if it in some way contradicts the "norm" or what people expect of you. That is why I started this blog and that is why I want to continue. But I want to continue in an authentic way that shows more of myself then just positive living and overcoming personal obstacles. I want to share my lifestyle, my choices, the things that interest me and the things I am working so hard on and towards: like my artwork, writing, travelling and self expression.

I suppose I just want this blog to really reflect me and be more then just a blog but almost like a conversation between you my readers and myself. I plan to share recipes, my work, still share my thoughts about living a positive life (the core of this blog), things I am enjoying and doing and in the end still keep to the spirit of my blog: which is aiming to live a life that makes me happy and hopefully inspire others to do the same. No matter how many times life has kicked you in the balls and thrown you down a staircase I'd like to think this blog could be the ice-pack to your wounds...even writing that now I realize how weird and invasive of personal space that it...but it's here if you need it!

So in the end all I can say is thank you to everyone who has read my blog, continued to read it and have supported me. There are a few of your that have always seemed to stick around and I appreciate it that! I hope that even with the blog taking on a slight change that you will still be my blog buddies and I look forward to what my third year of blogging has in store!

I can only image that year three will be a roller-coaster...and I hope you enjoy as much as I am sure I will!




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  1. Dude, two years already? Congrats Nicola! keep'em coming :D

    1. Thank you! I know right? always 2 years....damn time you gotta slow down!

  2. Congratulations on making it to year three. You've done very well for yourself and I'm happy to see you have the success that you have experienced.

  3. Congrats! Nice Blog ;)

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