There are many things in life that I believe in;

I believe every person on this planet deserves a fair chance in life.
I believe that travelling is something that words cannot always describe.
I believe that majoring in art should stop being regarded as "dead end learning".
I believe that animals have the right to live as much as any person.
I believe that happiness is a choice. A hard one, but a choice.
I believe that vanilla is the superior ice-cream flavour.
I believe that learning and understanding other cultures can only make you wiser.
I believe that people who judge should first take a hard look at their own lives.

Among so many other things I believe in I also strongly believe that people should be able to believe
in what they believe in without being judged because of it. Now when I say "believe" I mean a person's stance on things in this world. Not everyone is going to agree with you and you will not always agree with others but I do think the world would be a much happier place if people accepted more and judged less (of course this is disregarding beliefs that condone harm, cruelty, death, torture etc...those should never be accepted or excused).

I think it is so important for us as people to have something to believe in, whether it is religious or a lifestyle, it really plays a large part in our lives and can, and does, really shape who we are. It also gives us something to stand for, fight for and work towards and on top of these things it can connect us with other people. I have very strong beliefs when it comes to how people treat the planet on a whole: the animals, the oceans, forests and all the ecosystems that make our planet what it is. The damage we as people do to our planet literally blows my mind and I firmly believe that if we all just did our part it would lessen the stress put on the nature around us. Now I know this is a topic and belief that a lot of people plug their ears to and don't want to hear about. It's an uncomfortable truth but a truth either way and like other people who believe in causes I try to do my part and help others do their part.

I have shared that I am now vegan and becoming a vegan has also opened my eyes up more to the things we do to the world around us, the reality is everything is connected! But because of my beliefs have I have made connections with some amazing like-minded people who have the same belief. Like the amazing company Forever Faded Jeans, who make hemp, sustainable and vegan jeans (seriously these jeans are so comfortable, I am in love) that are based in LA. To know that there are companies out there that are dedicated to something other then the oh-so-important dollar is incrediably refreshing since it is so rare. The world could really use more companies like this, who actually put to action their beliefs instead of just feeding their idea to the public without actually following through (I am sure we can all think of a few!). I've also connected to some amazing like minded people through this blog as well as social media. This all just proves that no matter what you believe you will find others who have the same mindset.

Now I am using something I believe in as an example for you since I figured it would be a good example because it is a belief that people do not always positively react to, but I stick by it and that is what I am trying to share. We are all different, we have all had different experiences in our lives that have brought us to where we are now and make who we are. We often hide what we believe to be accepted by others, something we are taught from a young age but really....why we kidding ourselves? If you need to lie about what you believe in, in order to make a friend or have someone like you, then that person's time is not worth your own from the start! Stand your ground, be open to other's opinions but don't let them steam roll your own!

I could get into all the things that I believe in but that would be a very long blog post! Instead I figured I would share the biggest change in my beliefs over the course of the past couple years with you all and I hope that this encourages you to stand by your beliefs but also accept and be open to others.

What is something you strongly believe in?

Share below in the comments.

xoxo Nicola

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  1. I feel you have very diplomatic ideals, something usually reserved for real leaders.

    I believe that everything shares the same origin - humans, materials, wildlife, nature, planets… the universe. To hurt each other is to just hurt ourselves. We believe in our own uniqueness, however that belief only lasts in between our birth and our death. When we die we return to the same place before birth.
    I strongly believe this.

    The first law of thermodynamics even states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another.

    1. "I believe that everything shares the same origin - humans, materials, wildlife, nature, planets… the universe. To hurt each other is to just hurt ourselves" - I love what you wrote there because it is so very true! In the end we are really all connected.. though it seems people (and the education system) has managed to ween that idea out of peoples heads and instead have taught us that our needs/wants come before all other things on this planet..which is just devastating.

  2. Agree with your kindness theme :-)

    1. thanks you :) the world could always use some more kindness

  3. Agree with your kindness theme :-)

  4. We would have a peaceful world if everyone believed as you do, I like that wish more people subscribed to it.

    1. people just need to stop thinking so much about themselves (me me me mentality) and realize that there is so much more happening outside themselves.


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