CANADA DAY: Yukata Fitting & Japanese Vancouver Ondo Parade


Hello Lovelies!

This past week and a bit I celebrated two things: Canada Day and my 27th birthday. As much as I would like to share my deep thoughts on turning 27 (and by deep thoughts I mean my realization that I am suddenly 27 and cannot wrap my mind around it) I am going to, instead, talk about my Canada Day experience that involved me stepping out of my comfort zone and taking part in something I have never done before: a parade,and not just any parade, a Japanese cultural parade. The parade is called Vancouver Ondo and it takes place in, you guessed it, Vancouver. It is part of a pretty large
parade that consisted of many different cultures and I ended up taking part in the Japanese section because I knew someone who takes part in it himself.

I know with this blog I may come off as a pretty outgoing person, and I am around friends and people I am comfortable with, but in day to day life I am pretty shy. If I know one person in a group and no one else I struggle to go up to the people I don't know and strike up a conversation, so to take part in a parade with not really knowing anyone was a step outside of my comfort zone. I did manage to wrangle two friends to join me which made the experience wonderful but it was one of those situations where you knew that you are not Japanese but you are taking part in their festival.

I was really happy the see that no one gave us funny looks within the group or made us feel like odd ones out which can be a worry when you are taking part in something where you are not the same culture. It was a great change to meet new people and do something totally and completely new and I am very happy I decided to take part in it.

We got the chance to wear traditional Japanese yukata's and we preformed a simplified version of a traditional dance for the parade itself. The parade was only a little over thirty minutes long for our portion but the time really flew by. I have a vlog showing the experience of putting on the yukata and the look of the parade but unfortunately I was no able to find any actual parade footage. I hope you enjoy it either way!

Take part in things outside of your comfort zone...that is where you learn new things not just about yourself, but things outside of yourself.



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  1. That parade looks amazing! How lovely that you were able to join in :) I can totally relate to getting your head around turning 27, I know dread turning 28!
    Life inside the Locket

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