Follow Me Around! Quarry Rock Hike, Vancouver BC


Hello lovelies,

The insanity is nearly over, and by insanity I am specifically referring to my current University situation where I decided it was a good idea to take four condensed classes which basically means taking four months worth of work and cramming it into six weeks of school. Now let me tell you, I have no clue how I have managed to get through these past six weeks. I have people often ask me how (while looking at me like I am some kind of nut job for even deciding to do it in the first place) and I can honestly say...I have no flipping clue how. I would love to say it was due to stringint time management and positive thinking but I think I more got through it by lack of sleep, living off of coffee, whining more then I have in ages and most of all, putting my mind to it and just getting it done to the best of my abilities.

Also, it was most likely even more bearable because even in all the craziness of due dates and waiting for oil paint to dry I did make sure I made time to give myself a break. Whether it was hanging with a friend or just lying in bed starring at my computer screen watching Netflix, I made time for me. One of the things I did do in the past couple of week was finally go for a hike to one of my favourite spots, Quarry Rock, which is located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. It is honestly such a beautiful hike, not too hard, with an amazing view at the end. Not only that but there are defiantly moments during the hike where all I could think to myself is "All I need now is for the Lord of the Rings theme to play and I will be good to go" because it is just that magical looking.

So I wanted to share bits of this hike with you! I hope you enjoy and that it encourages you to take sometime for yourself, whether it is a hike, bingeing on food at the night market (slowly raises hand) or just telling Netflix that you are in fact still waiting that show and it needs to stop asking you



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