Today I am coming to you from the confines of my bed, because I am the lucky winner of 34 mosquito bites that are angry at me for some reason. So to appease my bites I am the new proud owner of medicated bite cream and ruler of my bed. I suppose the one good thing that has come out of these bites is the fact that I have nothing I can do (physically) so I have found actual time to write on this blog after being a no-show for a couple of weeks.

Bugs: 34 Nicola: 0

Got to find the silver lining in all annoying situations right?

So I guess the main question about this blog right now would be the title and to be honest the title sums up my feelings about the summertime.  No, no I am not sad that summer is ending soon...actually I am beyond thrilled because I truly resent summer. Summer for me is the season of infected bug bites, heat stroke, lack of sleep and lack of money. I am more then pleased that autumn is right around the corner and I know many people would disagree with me about that statement. Though there are some things I can appreciate about this summer and it is some of the products that I have stumbled across and thus become obsessed with.

Most if not all these products are cruelty free, vegan and smell amazing. It may not be a post about positive living (hard to write when you smell like a drug store and are itchy like a mother *****) but I think anything cruelty free falls under the category of " A positive good thing", so lets begin!



This toner is fantastic. Period. I got this in the beginning of the summer because
I needed a new toner and wanted to be sure it was alcohol free, vegan and cruelty free.
This toner is all those things. It is really important that your toner is alcohol free because
alcohol drys out the skin (hence a party night out makes you feel like a dried up zombie
the next morning), not only that it has tea tree oil in it which is antibacterial and great for
skin that tends to break out. Plus it balances the PH levels in your skin and hydrates.


Shark Week (also known as one of the coolest weeks in the year) happened in July. Personally
I love sharks, I think they are fascinating and really misunderstood creatures...honestly I am 
way more scared of people then I am of a shark. Unfortunately  90% of the shark population
is dropping and one of the main issues (outside of pollution) is fishing. Sharks are caught for their
fins, which are then used in shark fin soup, and then they are thrown back into the oceans, condemned
to die just because of the selfish wants of humans. ALL the proceeds from this soap went and still goes towards organizations that are fighting to stop this. Besides the fact that is supports
a really environmentally important issue, it smells amazing and it's vegan. 
To my knowledge they are still selling these in stores.


Skoah is a Vancouver skincare and spa brand that is primarily vegan and cruelty free. I am a big
fan of their lip chap because it is infused with tea tree oil and for someone like me that tends to get
those nasty dry and crusty lips year around (I right?) this lip chap has honestly
been one of the few that actually helps. Plus the tea tree oil is really refreshing on the lips.


Right off the bat I am going to admit that I am not 100% sure if Banana Boat is cruelty free but this is
one of the few sunscreens that actually protect my lily white butt from being roasted. I know that in North America the idea of a tan is really appealing, many women and men feel more attractive with a tan and I used to be like that. Until I read more and more about the damaging effects the sun has on the skin and decided to just embrace the fact that I am a ghost and allow my skin to slowly return to it's original colour: translucent. What's great about this sunscreen is that it is waterproof and non-sticky (I know, spray is not good for the environment but I really only use this for my back because I have a tattoo there that needs to be covered). As much as you may want a tan, at least put a 30 sunscreen on your skin...


At this point I really should have just called this post a "I have a lush problem" post. I posted this mask on Instagram a couple of times and I really, really like this mask. It is fantastic if you have blackheads or impurities in the skin because it helps pulls those impurities out of the skin. It has a interesting smell of mint and tea tree oil that can be annoying to get used to but this stuff honestly does work. I would recommend even just getting a sample from the store. Of course since it is a Lush  product, it is cruelty free and like any mask you can use it from 2-3 days a week.


I shared this company and pants in a past post but honestly I like to wear jeans here and there in the summertime and these are my go-to jeans. They are light, made of hemp and they are sustainable, not to mention vegan and cruelty free (the theme of the day). I like wearing shorts, skirts and dresses as much as any other girly female in the summertime but sometimes they can get uncomfortable or  the summertime nights are not quite as hot as you'd expect them to be so a good and light pair of jeans is always good to have on hand...and these are mine. 


If there is one thing in the summertime I like to rock it is some gold temporary tattoos. When I was up at Whistler this past weekend I had some fun with the regular temporary tattoos and they looked so real ( see them here). The detailing really blew my mind and I have yet to play around with the gold ones but I have a feeling that will be happening very soon. The are fun, eye catching and I always get compliments on them whenever I wear them. 

The Face-Shop is one of my favourite skincare stores to wander around in. I checked myself and they are cruelty free which I was really happy to find out. They are a brand based out of Korea and I have been happy with all the products I have used from them, especially their face masks. Right now I have been using their charcoal face wash which is foam based. Charcoal is known from removing oil, blackheads and impurities from the skin and since this wash is foam based it is really gentle on the skin. So if you have super sensitive skin like me this product is for you. That and it honestly me, I'm a blogger (hehehe).


Last but not least is that go-to bathing suit that every girl, and boy, wants for the beach, lake or wherever else they may go. With this one I wanted to share that you don't need that super expensive bathing suit to look and feel good. Neither do you need to be skinny and super fit to rock one either. Instagram, Tumblr and many other forms of social media are littered with images of girls with amazing bodies rocking brands like Triangl, Victoria Secret, Frankies and more. Now I love those bathing suits but the reality is, a lot of women cannot afford them but that should not stop you from enjoying the summer or feeling insecure about your appliance just because you don't look like that girl on Instagram in that particular bikini. You wallet and your pant size should not keep you from enjoying the summertime. My bathing suit consists of a $14.00 top from Forever 21 and bottoms from PINK Victoria Secret that were on sale for $19.00. 
Get out there, have fun and rock whatever makes you feel good.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did feel free to follow my blog and like it! Also you can check out my Youtube Channel and my Instagram.

Enjoy your summer loves! I will be over here trying not to scratch my skin off.



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  1. Thanks for sharing those goodies, hope your bites settle soon.

    1. Thanks for reading :) and here's hoping they do!

  2. Not gonna lie, I kind of want that shark soap. It looks pretty awesome.

    1. you should! it's badass shark soap...


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