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Hello Lovelies!

I promised on my Instagram that I would have a new blog post up this weekend and here it is! I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated my blog but so many crazy (some good some not so good) things were going on with degree, jobs, my personal life and my art that I just couldn't seem to find the time to fit my blog in! Now that the semester is done till January I can finally hop back on here and get back into the groove of writing and vlog posts again.

Last weekend I went up the Whistler, which is this amazing mountain top/village/ski resort/Narnia combination with my best friend with the intent of relaxing and recouping since the both of us really needed it. Needless to say that Whistler did not disappoint. With this post I just wanted to share a couple great places to eat up in Whistler and what we got up to...which wasn't much, in the best way possible. Now Whistler is known as a place to party and in all honesty, we did not really get that much partying done while up there. More or less we sat in our hotel room in the evenings (before grabbing mulled wine) and watched either cat focused tv shows on Animal Planet or Home Alone, either way it was a win in my eyes. Again the main goal of going was to chill out, not get plastered.

Two things we did enjoy doing while up there was wandering around the village with the snow falling, because we are both suckers for snow, mountains and cozy moments. The second thing we enjoyed doing was eating. Because we like eating...need I say more?


To cover the first thing we did: we spent a good time wandering around the village. Contrary to popular belief it does not snow everywhere in Canada, the Vancouver area rarely ever gets snow and when it does it is quickly washed away by pouring rain. So to have the chance to actually be somewhere where the snow was consistently falling and looking all lovely was fantastic for two girls who love winter. I am just going to share some quick photographs I took of the Whistler Village, mostly at night...because Christmas lights make everything better.

Totem near the centre of the village

The thing with Whistler is that it is a go-to place for winter sports enthusiasts, and after I had a pretty horrible snowboarding accident I have stayed far away from alpine sports: that is one horse I have no plans on getting back onto. So a lot of people wonder what is there exactly to do in a ski village when you don't well...ski/snowboard. The thing with me and my friend is that we both find it fairly easy to entertain ourselves and there are more then enough places to go and check out for food and drinks that we didn't feel like we were missing out on anything by not doing any sports. The lights and atmosphere along with the promise of Christmas movies in our hotel room were enough to keep us going.


As I mentioned, the second half of our favourite things to do up in Whistler was eating and I have a top two when it comes to a place to drink and place to eat. Up in Whistler there is the award winning BrewHouse which is in the lower portion of the village. Based off atmosphere along this restaurant and bar was the quintessential ski village styled eatery. Now we did not eat here but we did grab some beers and enjoyed the snow falling outside.

There are roaring fireplaces, exposed brick, carved wood pretty much all over the place and a really chilled vibe. I guess the only downside would be how loud this location can be because it is so popular and busy it would be hard to find  quiet corner to sit at. But somehow we did...for fifteen minutes because a group of very loud women sat near us, ces't la vie!

My second favourite place was The El-Warehouse which is not too far from the BrewHouse. It has everything: good vibes, good food, good drinks, awesome service...and $5.00 meals. Yes, $5.00 meals...and might I mention that the meals are delicious and lots of vegan friendly options when you just switch a couple of ingredients around (which the staff had no problem doing...take note certain chain restaurants...*cough cough*).

The thing with Whistler is that it is a very expensive place to go to: accommodations can run pretty steep, eating our costs a decent amount and getting there isn't free. So to have a place that is affordable to eat at and hang out was amazing. This place pretty much always had a line up but the wait was always worth it. 

Did I mention the $5.00 meals?

For anyone who may be in the Vancouver area, the is a Warehouse down on Granville that is equally fanastic.

The El-Warehouse
View of the gazebo over drinks
Go-to meal: veggie burger minus the dairy *drools*

I know this post isn't my normal style, heck it may seem a little on the messy side but then again I haven't sat down and written in nearly two months so I may need a post or two, in order to get back in the groove of things! I have been writing a decent amount of posts about taking time to yourself, relaxing, taking it easy on yourself and all those great topics, but like any normal human being I give good advice but rarely use it. With this trip I decided to use my advice, stepped away from my phone and focused on being with my friend and enjoying the weekend away.

After non-stop school (and I mean non-stop, since I started my degree last September I have spent the past 16 months studying without a break because I decided that taking courses in the summer and graduating a year early was a good idea! ) I have rarely taken moments to myself and when I do I always find something else to work on so to be forced to be away from my computer, art, commissions and anything else distracting was a welcomed task.

I highly recommend it, even if it is only one night away. Give your brain a break.

Thanks for everyone who has stuck around and consistently checks my blog: you are amazing and I hope to do you some justice and get back into being consistent with these posts. It can be tough balancing my degree, jobs (I technically have one "real" job and two freelancing positions...yay?...yay!) and my life in general but I plan to put these back need the top of my list of things to do in the week.

Till my next post, which I am hoping to have up in the next couple of days and might possibly be about dating (ooohhhh), stay amazing!



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