The hiatus life choose me...

Hi Lovelies!

I haven't died and neither have I totally forgotten and given up on blogging, on the contrary over the past few months I would literally find myself here, on my page, trying to write something and my brain would just not allow it to happen. Over the past few months my life has been a ridiculous whirlwind of finishing up my third year at university, working basically all the time, and trying to find time to sleep let alone come here onto my blog and come up with witty things to say. My Youtube channel suffered the same fate...though I have noticed people have still be subscribing which I take as a hint to get back to it.

Though I disappeared for the past little while (with valid reasons I may add), it was not without some interesting things to share!


I am currently in my fourth year of university! Meaning I am a senior and will be graduating very soon. This is a huge deal, when I first started my blog I had made the decision to move to London, a dream I had always had but when I got there I realized that with the education I had I would struggle big-time to find a job I actually enjoyed and really wanted. I would have been stuck either in sales or working in the tourism industry. So basically I went from dream-chasing to putting my dreams on-hold to get back to square one at get my BA in Fine Arts. It is crazy that it has been two years since that happened and things have come this far. It was also around this time I decided to go back to school, that I was consistent (yes there was a time when I was consistent) with my Youtube channel, uploading videos about deciding to go back to school, being an adult student, and so on.

My how time both flies and stays unnaturally still...


When I decided to go back to school, I made two "deals" with myself, 1) That I would finish my degree in 3 - 3.5 years instead of the regular four so that I could get back into the real working world and maybe for once, act like the adult that I am and 2) go on an exchange.

Ladies and gentlemen, both those things appear to be going to plan. As of right now I will be graduating within three years and I am, in fact, going on that exchange.

I am going to Hankuk University in Seoul, South Korea, for my exchange this summer! How exciting, much wow, such good!

   I am very excited about this, not only because I worked my butt off and did everything I could to save for it and it is going to be an amazing experience but also because, I have not traveled in two years. My brain cannot handle the fact that I will finally be going somewhere after having my life be ruled by my degree. So I will be studying Asian Studies and Language as my electives in Seoul as well I am going to pop by Japan for almost two weeks after my exchange and yes....I fully plan to both blog and vlog my trips in both countries.


Now I have been kicking myself for letting my blog go on hiatus because I honestly had no plan to make that happen. As I said, I would consistently pop on here and try to write a post and nothing would come; but I imagine that is because I was exhausted and spent from a day's work at school and my job. But it would be such a waste to not push myself to get this blog and my Youtube back on track so there will be future posts.

With my final year of university coming up, I plan on sharing more about my experience on being an adult student (on my Youtube channel), and here on my blog there will be most posts about travel, my upcoming exchange and trip, tips on saving especially as a student, as well as posts about my lifestyle as a vegan (yes that is still something I am, huzzah!) and oodles of other things.

So I want to thank anyone who reads this and has stuck by my blog and Youtube channel!

I am still here!! I remember you! You are still amazing!


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