A couple of weeks ago I shared on my blog that I would be going on a study exchange to Seoul, South Korea, through my home University and because I have been completely off my game when it comes to posting on this blog on time in the past months, my first post about Korea is appearing fashionably late, a week into my exchange. I too remember the days when I would post here regularly, on a committed schedule. Fond memories indeed.

Now with Korea...

I had every intention of blogging during my flight to Seoul; in my mind I had ten hours to kill so I might as well do something productive. Unfortunately turbulence and my own deep-seeded fear of the plane falling out of the sky, kept me from being able to do anything other then keep myself from recreating the flight scene from "Bridesmaids", yelling something about a colonial woman churning butter on the wing (if you haven't seen Bridemaids you are missing out and the previous sentence will make no sense to you...I am not crazy I swear). So because I was unable to do anything productive on my flight, my blog post is coming later then I planned because the minute I landed in Seoul and made my way to the University I am studying at, Hankuk University, my life can be defined by one word.


A good busy, but busy either way. From the moment I stepped into my dorm room to the weekend field trip and first day of classes, I have barely spent any time in my dorm. I honestly do not know where to begin because so much as gone on in the past seven days; do I fill you in on the details of the first days? Or the mud festival? or the trip to Suwon? or how obsessed Seoul seems to be with air conditioners? How you will be startled by fellow foreigners screaming and tackling K-Pop star cardboard cut-outs while you just stand there? How cheap the food is? The dangers of mixing beer and soju? (never do this before a 4 hour bus ride, even if it is at a Psy concert) how friendly people are in Korea? or should I chat about how great the University is and amazingly qualified the teachers are, along with how awesome the internal office staff and volunteers are? How easy the subway is to figure out? How interesting and lively the city is? Or more importantly, how mosquitos are predators with no mercy?

Like I said, busy is the word I would define my life as since 9:00 AM, July 12th at the Vancouver Airport.

Now I have written travel posts before; I filled you all in on travelling in the UK and Scotland, how to save for travel, the benefits of travelling solo but I have never posted something that included school and travel so I am in an area of blogging I am not really used to. So bare with me while I figure out how I am going to space this all out. Because I have an average sized heart, I am going to spare you the boring details of me spending more time than I should trying to decide what pattern I wanted my bedding to be and which hand wash I should by (because let's be honest...the smell matters) because that is how I basically spent my first day in Seoul.

So instead I am going to do some singular posts on particular topics while I am here; consider this post as more of an introduction to my exchange and travelling in Korea. I think in the long run that would be better then writing a ridiculously long post, where you will get bored half way through and hurt my feelings by not finishing the post.

I will know.

So, expect a new post in the next couple of days! Possibly even tomorrow since I will be gone (again) this weekend on another trip with Hankuk University (they are spoiling us I swear).

You know how I mentioned that I haven't posted in awhile? Prepare to be sick of seeing my blog post notifications in your inbox.

And to any new readers!! Welcome! I hope my posts help any of you who may be thinking of doing an exchange to Korea or travelling in general to Korea.

xoxo Nicola

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  1. You're back! That's exciting to see. Congrats on getting to spend some time in Korea. It seems like it should be a pretty exciting experience.

    1. It is a pretty great experience! Just still waiting for a moment of piece though :p
      "guess who's back...back again"


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