I have done it again.

I told myself after my exchange to Seoul I would stick around in Vancouver for a bit and save money for other things besides traveling but once again, as I have for the past 28 years of my life, I have failed at that exact thing and my funds are funneling into another trip.

To be exact another study aboard through my home institute of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, because apparently my willpower to say no to traveling is at an all time low. After having a great experience studying aboard through my school at Hankuk University and the subtle convincing of one of my professor's I decided to say yes. The University I attend has a great international relationship with other schools as well it is a heavily multicultural institute (which is brilliant) so it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to say yes to taking part in another exchange program. 

So where I am going exactly?

To the country where I can't eat half the food but the clothing and art are pretty awesome - Paris. Oh, and the country that half my exes come from - Germany. I am taking part in a heavily art-based field school that takes us away for almost three weeks to Paris and Kassel to look at priceless art, overwhelming architecture and I am sure a disgusting amount of baguettes (eaten by yours truly). But in all seriousness, the opportunity to go to Paris for two weeks, and travel with fellow art and art history enthusiasts as well as learn from people who are experts in their field is an irreplaceable opportunity. I have even convinced my professor to take my twinkle toes to the ballet academy in Paris and I am sure we will find a way to wander off to the catacombs at some point. As much as I could travel to Paris on my own which is what I normally do and have shared my solo trips in the past, I expect that I would miss a lot and this field school makes sure that I see the museums, galleries and historic buildings that were already on my list to see. 

As for Germany, there will be a lot of contemporary art and beer in my future, as the Documenta Exhibition that is only held every five years will be going on, well this year, and I will get the chance to see an exhibition that isn't very frequent and has new art and artists every time. Basically, it is a chance to see a show that won't been seen again in a format that won't be replicated which, in the art world, is a very interesting thing to be a part of. 

Now how I am preparing for all of this? 

I am sure you all remember how I always yammered on about how much I work. How much I study. What is sleep? What is free-will? 

Well, it is basically just going to be exactly like that except a bit more French since I need to brush up on that. Eight years old me was fluent in French (real French, not Quebecois...Sorry Quebec) and twenty-eight year old me can get by so one thing I will be doing is trying to at least get back to conversational french to make my life easier. On top of that is the saving, the working, the classes and going over my embarrassingly large collection of French art books because I am an overachiever and need to own this field school.

Just call me Hermione. 

Now I know it seems I am constantly running away from Canada - I seem to always be planning a trip there or disappearing for a weekend somewhere. I mean, after Paris and Germany I am wandering back over the England and Scotland for a while because....well London is amazing and Scotland has the highlands which are also amazing. But really, I do love British Columbia: it is a beautiful place to live, lots to do, always some kind of events going on and places to visit whether you like the outdoors (run away to Whistler or go surf in Tofino on the island) or you are more the inside type (Guilt & Co in Gastown has loads of live music and a cool atmosphere or there is always the Vancouver Gallery to go check out). There is plenty to do here and I always tell the people I meet when I am aboard to check it out and pop by if there are ever traveling the Westcoast of North America.

And that Canadian friendliness does exist, including on the KPU campus where I seem to always know somebody and the classes are small so you actually get to know the people in your class. You have a name and not just a number to the professors which is a massive benefit. 

But I digress.

Maybe it's because I was stuck on a plane when I was three by my mom and taken to Poland for two months that the constant want to travel never really stopped.

I see this field school as a chance to badger you all with more travel posts (and Youtube videos) and as an opportunity to see countries I have always wanted to visit and bother people with my excessive use of the word "Eh".

So keep your eyes peeled for future posts as I will be starting my field school sometime in May!

Expect a disgusting amount of photos and artistic wine shots eh!


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  1. Best of luck in France and Germany. I always enjoyed reading your blog updates/seeing the video updates when you were in South Korea. It'll be interesting to hear more about France and Germany through your experiences.

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